As of late…

This is a post that I am going to start doing (hopefully) on Sundays. A day of rest and reflection of the week prior. So here goes my life as of late…

Making- Soy wax candles. They are seriously so easy and cozy! (candles can totally be cozy) Here is the link to the instructions I have been using. I am also making and prepping for Daniel Bear’s first birthday party coming up in a few weeks!

Cooking- veggie burgers. they really don’t taste that much different. they’re delicious, nutritious, and surprisingly addictive.

Drinking- way too much English Breakfast tea and coffee. pretty much just anything that has caffeine.

Reading- “The Super Mom Myth” – the best book I have read in awhile! and The book of James (with my bible study group)

wanting- These adorable custom bracelets. maybe for Mother’s day with the kiddos names?

playing- Ellie Holcomb’s song “Marvelous Light”. the kids and I had an epic dance party to it on repeat earlier this week.

wasting- too much time on social media.

wishing- I could get motivated to workout regularly again. I am either too tired in the evening and just want to sit and do nothing, or the kids wake up super early and ruin my chance of getting up before they do… I really don’t know how to get started. I guess just do it.

enjoying- watching my kids’ relationship with each other grow and blossom.

waiting- to hear back about whether I was accepted to go back to school.

liking- my booties from target. I wear them a lot and am praying they never get ruined or have to be replaced.

wondering- how much longer dude man is going to nap.

loving- These earrings, I wear them almost err day. and the show ‘Fixer Upper’, the Gaines seriously make me want 75 animals on a farm in Texas!

Hoping- I get some followers on this thing.

marveling- at how big my kids are getting and how blessed we truly are with being able to call them ours for our time here on earth.

needing-to stop comparing “comparison is the thief of joy.”-Theodore Roosevelt. and to stop telling my daughter “just give me a second” when she asks for something. it usually always turns into much longer than a second because I get distracted by all the things to be done. (refer to the book I mentioned above)

smelling- In a Winter Wonderland candle from Yankee Candle.

wearing- my pj pants from Old Navy and the coziest sweater in my closet.

following- This blog and this blog. they made me want to start my own.

noticing- How truly blessed I am.

knowing- All the time God is good, God is goo all the time.

thinking- about my next bible study session on Monday. I am pretty excited about continuing our study in the book of James.

bookmarking- just books in general that I am wanting to read. Like “Freefall to Fly”.

opening- too may packages of bacon lately.

giggling- at the fact that Mary-Allen just told me “I’ll handle it, mommy.” Seriously is this kid like two and a half going on thirty?!?!

feeling- content.

And there ya have it. My life right now. It’s pretty darn great if you ask me. Have a great Sunday evening and upcoming week!




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